Therafit is a new app that takes mindfulness to a new level. Relieve yourself from anxiety. Breathe, relax, live.


The brandmark was inspired by an orca, the symbol for harmony, longevity, and protection. The brand follows an aquatic theme, going for a more cool, calm, and soothing approach.

Bureau Grot Bold

Bureau Grot Medium

Helvetica Lt Std Book

calming blue

RGB 83.157.183
HEX #539DB7

thoughtful blue

RGB 8.103.136
HEX #086788

challenge and long term goal

Therafit's long term goal is to provide a trustworthy app that’s reliable and easy to use for a better and manageable life.


Therafit was carefully designed to keep the audience as calm and relaxed as possible.

During the research process, it was discovered that most mindfulness apps mainly focus on audio, causing confusion, frustration, and even add stress.

Due to these findings, the app took a more visual approach.